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Enroll in our electrician certification program. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your electrical skills, with our interactive online classes, you can experience the same level of engagement and interaction as you would in a traditional classroom setting, all from the comfort of your own home. Admission is now open!

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Learn from experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and guiding you on your journey.

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Master Electrical theory, hands-on training, and industry best practices to become a skilled electrician.

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Gain industry certifications, secure job placements, and enjoy lifelong learning support for continuous growth.

High-Quality Video Lectures

Engage with crystal-clear, high-quality video lectures that make complex concepts easy to understand and retain.

Final Exam

Comprehensive Assessment: Put your knowledge to the test with a rigorous final exam to ensure you're fully prepared for success.

A Step-by-Step
Guide to Become an
Electrical Apprentice

Phase I

Explore Residential Wiring Fundamentals

Master Pipe Bending Techniques

Excel in Electrical Systems and Safety

Phase II

Master Wiring Techniques

Lighting Installation Mastery

Residential and Commercial Expertise

Phase III

Essential Electrical Planning

Accurate Load Calculations

Master Blueprint Analysis

Phase IV

Comprehensive Final Exam

Preparation for Success

Showcase Your Expertise

Phase V

Achievement Celebration 

Graduation Module

Embrace New Opportunities

Phase VI

Prioritize workplace safety

Comprehensive Training

Boost Your Career

Phase VII

Craft a Compelling Cover Letter

Master the Key Elements

Effective Self-Introduction and Qualification Highlight



Are you ready to electrify your future? In this course, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, gaining essential knowledge and hands-on experience to master the world of residential wiring and...
  • 66 Lessons

Designed for apprentice excellence


In the realm of electrical apprenticeship, hands-on practice is indispensable. Introducing the Electro Mastery Kit, a revolutionary 24 by 24 electrical panel kit meticulously designed for aspiring electricians. This comprehensive kit serves as the ultimate platform for refining wiring skills, allowing apprentices to delve deep into the intricacies of electrical systems. 

Understanding the Electro Mastery Kit

Unleashing the Power of the Electro Mastery Kit

Expertise Kit

The Electro Mastery Kit is meticulously designed for electrical apprentices, offering hands-on practice for wiring techniques.

Essential Components

It includes single pole switches, receptacles, 3-way switches, and 4-way switches, making it a complete learning package.

Versatile Practice

The kit is portable with an ergonomic handle and wall-mount option, ensuring flexibility in your practice setup.

Digital Synergy

It aligns seamlessly with the online electrical course at electromastery.com, bridging theory and practical learning.

Convenient Learning

Enjoy the convenience of completing labs from home, eliminating the need for a physical classroom.

Skill Enhancement

Hone your wiring skills with real components, gaining confidence and expertise in electrical systems.

Course Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans Tailored to Your Success Journey!

Weekly Payment

$ 500.00 Weekly

This plan allows you to make payments on a weekly basis, providing you with the flexibility to manage your expenses more frequently and efficiently.

Bi Weekly Payment

$ 1000.00 Bi Weekly

With the Bi-Weekly Payment Plan, you can make payments every two weeks, offering a balanced approach that aligns with your pay schedule.

Monthly Payment

$ 2000.00 Month

The Monthly Payment Plan enables you to make payments once a month, ensuring a convenient and predictable schedule for managing your financial commitments.

One Time Payment

$ 6000 One Time

The One-Time Payment Plan allows you to make a single, full payment at the beginning, eliminating the need for recurring payments and simplifying the payment process for you.

Enroll in our three month apprenticeship course today, and let us light up your future!

Are you ready to electrify your future? Join our comprehensive online course in Residential Wiring and Electrical Installation, designed for both beginners and those looking to enhance their electrical skills. In this course, you'll embark on a transformative journey, gaining essential knowledge and hands-on experience.

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What Our Student Say

Electromastery provided me with the perfect platform to enhance my electrical skills. As a beginner, I found the course content comprehensive and easy to understand. The flexibility to learn at my own pace was an added advantage. 

- Vashawn Cunningham

/ Student

I had been struggling to find a reliable resource to master the electrician certification program. The course material was well-structured and included practical examples that facilitated my learning. 

- Robert Hayes

/ Student

I wanted to pursue a career as an electrician but lacked the necessary skills. Electromastery provided me with the perfect foundation to kickstart my journey. The step-by-step modules and helpful resources proved to be invaluable.

- Marcus Johnson

/ Student

Electromastry exceeded my expectations in every way. From their exceptional customer service to their attention to detail, they truly went above and beyond.I am extremely satisfied with the electrical work they performed and would recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch service. 

- Todd Malone

/ Student


To access your courses, go to the homepage or dashboard to locate them. This is where students will be able to view their course materials and assignments.

Course materials are located in their designated tabs. Reading and watching materials are located here. It is recommended to carefully view the material and take notes or highlight important points as needed. Afterwards, students must complete assignments and tests.

Course assignments and tests are located in their designated tab. Students must complete these assignments and tests in order to receive a grade. If allowed, students should look over their assignments and tests to review any incorrect answers to enhance their understanding of the material.

Students can view their grades in the designated tab. Grades will be given after a student completes their assignments and or tests.

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