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At our platform, we're dedicated to igniting your passion for the electrical industry. Our courses go beyond technical expertise; they empower you to thrive as an electrician, unlocking your full potential for a purposeful, fulfilling career.

Course Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans Tailored to Your Success Journey!

Weekly Payment

$ 500.00 Weekly

This plan allows you to make payments on a weekly basis, providing you with the flexibility to manage your expenses more frequently and efficiently.

Bi Weekly Payment

$ 1000.00 Bi Weekly

With the Bi-Weekly Payment Plan, you can make payments every two weeks, offering a balanced approach that aligns with your pay schedule.

Monthly Payment

$ 2000.00 Month

The Monthly Payment Plan enables you to make payments once a month, ensuring a convenient and predictable schedule for managing your financial commitments.

One Time Payment

$ 6000 One Time

The One-Time Payment Plan allows you to make a single, full payment at the beginning, eliminating the need for recurring payments and simplifying the payment process for you.

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